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Andromeda (altgriechisch Ἀνδρομέδα „im Gedenken eines Mannes“) ist in der griechischen Mythologie die Tochter des äthiopischen Königs Kepheus und der. Laut der griechischen Mythologie, entwickelte sich die Geschichte von Andromeda im Reich Äthiopiens. Andromeda war die Tochter von Cepheus und​. Die Andromedagalaxie, auch Andromedanebel oder Großer Andromeda-Nebel, ist die der Milchstraße nächstgelegene Spiralgalaxie, rund 2,5 Millionen Lichtjahre entfernt.

Andromeda (Sternbild)

Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda ist eine US-amerikanisch-kanadische Science-​Fiction-Fernsehserie, die von 20in Vancouver, Kanada produziert. Mass Effect: Andromeda entführt dich in die Andromeda-Galaxie fernab der Milchstraße. Dort kämpfst du in einer feindseligen Welt, in der WIR die Außerirdischen. Die Andromedagalaxie, auch Andromedanebel oder Großer Andromeda-Nebel, ist die der Milchstraße nächstgelegene Spiralgalaxie, rund 2,5 Millionen Lichtjahre entfernt.

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Die Andromedagalaxie, auch Andromedanebel oder Großer Andromeda-Nebel, ist die der Milchstraße nächstgelegene Spiralgalaxie, rund 2,5 Millionen Lichtjahre entfernt. Andromeda (altgriechisch Ἀνδρομέδα „im Gedenken eines Mannes“) ist in der griechischen Mythologie die Tochter des äthiopischen Königs Kepheus und der. Die Andromedagalaxie, auch Andromedanebel oder Großer Andromeda-Nebel, ist die der Milchstraße nächstgelegene Spiralgalaxie, rund 2,5 Millionen. Andromeda (von griechisch Ἀνδρομέδα Androméda) ist ein Sternbild des nördlichen Sternenhimmels. Sie ist eines der bekannteren Sternbilder, denn sie.

Their descendants rule Mycenae from Electryon down to Eurystheus , after whom Atreus attains the kingdom. The great hero Heracles Hercules in Roman mythology is also a descendant, his mother Alcmene being Electryon's daughter, while like his grandfather Perseus his father is the god Zeus.

By the 1st century BC a rival location for Andromeda's story had been established, however: an outcrop of rocks near the harbor of the ancient port city of Joppa Iope or Jaffa , today part of Tel Aviv , Israel had become associated with the place of Andromeda's chaining and rescue, as reported by Pliny the Elder , [17] the traveler Pausanias , [18] the geographer Strabo , [19] and the historian Josephus.

Elizabeth McGrath, in her article The Black Andromeda , [24] discusses the tradition, as promoted by the influential Roman poet Ovid , of Andromeda being a dark-skinned woman of either Ethiopian or Indian origin.

The Aethiopica , a Greek romance attributed to the 3rd century AD writer Heliodorus of Emesa , reflects the ambiguity between dark-skinned and light-skinned Andromedas in Late Antiquity.

The mother's explanation is that, during the moment of conception , she was gazing at a picture of a white-skinned Andromeda "brought down by Perseus naked from the rock, and so by mishap engendered presently a thing like to her.

This ambiguity is also reflected in a description by the 2nd century AD sophist Philostratus of a painting depicting Perseus and Andromeda.

The alternative tradition of Andromeda's story taking place at Joppa on the coast of modern Israel suggested that she was of light complexion to some artists, while others simply followed the tendency of artists everywhere to make the main subjects of their works look like themselves and the people around them.

Roman frescoes from Pompeii show light-skinned Andromedas, for instance, but a 2nd-3rd century AD Roman mosaic found at Zeugma in modern Turkey shows her with darker skin tones, which would be more common in the Middle East see illustrations.

A few Renaissance and Baroque artists, such as Piero di Cosimo, Titian, Giorgio Vasari, and Abraham van Diepenbeeck, painted Andromedas with darker or dusky-colored skin tones see Gallery , but Ovid's tradition was not continued by their contemporaries or later artists.

Andromeda is represented in the Northern sky by the constellation Andromeda , which contains the Andromeda Galaxy. Several constellations are associated with the myth.

Viewing the fainter stars visible to the naked eye, the constellations are rendered as:. Gerard Manley Hopkins Andromeda Now Time's Andromeda on this rock rude, With not her either beauty's equal or Her injury's, looks off by both horns of shore, Her flower, her piece of being, doomed dragon's food.

Andromeda, and her role in the popular myth of Perseus, has been the subject of numerous ancient and modern works of art, where she is represented as a bound and helpless, typically beautiful, young woman placed in terrible danger, who must be saved through the unswerving courage of a hero who loves her: see Gallery.

Andromeda was a popular subject for artists especially in the Renaissance and Baroque eras, followed by a resurgence of interest in her myth in the 19th century, but since then artists have shown much less interest in this subject.

Piero di Cosimo , Perseus Freeing Andromeda , ca. Giorgio Vasari , Perseus and Andromeda , Bartolomeo Passerotti , Perseus Freeing Andromeda, between Paolo Veronese , Perseus rescuing Andromeda , between Giuseppe Cesari , Perseus and Andromeda , Joachim Wtewael , Perseus Releases Andromeda , Domenico Fetti , Andromeda and Perseus , ca.

Peter Paul Rubens , Perseus and Andromeda , ca. Rembrandt , Andromeda Chained to the Rocks , Pierre Mignard , The Liberation of Andromeda , Domenico Guidi , Andromeda and the Sea Monster , Nicolas Bertin , Perseus Freeing Andromeda.

DID YOU KNOW? Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. Episode Guide. Captain Dylan Hunt and the crew of the Andromeda Ascendant set out on a mission to rebuild the Systems Commonwealth years after its fall.

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Episodes Seasons. Edit Cast Series cast summary: Kevin Sorbo Captain Dylan Hunt episodes, Lisa Ryder Beka Valentine episodes, Laura Bertram Trance Gemini episodes, Gordon Michael Woolvett Seamus Harper episodes, Lexa Doig Andromeda Ascendant episodes, Keith Hamilton Cobb Tyr Anasazi 69 episodes, Steve Bacic Edit Storyline After being frozen in time for years, captain Dylan Hunt and his sentient warship Andromeda sets out to restore peace and civilization to the known universe.

Edit Did You Know? Trivia Brandy Ledford originally auditioned for the part of Andromeda, which went to Lexa Doig.

When Lexa was unavailable due to her pregnancy during the fifth season, they created Doyle to do much of Rommie's work. Quotes Harper : Hey, I'm driving her I only got two hands!

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Edit Details Official Sites: Space [Canada]. Country: Canada USA. Scholars believe that the Hindu and Greek astrological myths were closely linked; one piece of evidence cited is the similarity between the names "Antarmada" and "Andromeda".

Andromeda is also associated with the Mesopotamian creation story of Tiamat , the goddess of Chaos. She bore many demons for her husband, Apsu , but eventually decided to destroy them in a war that ended when Marduk killed her.

He used her body to create the constellations as markers of time for humans. In the Marshall Islands , Andromeda, Cassiopeia, Triangulum, and Aries are incorporated into a constellation representing a porpoise.

Andromeda's bright stars are mostly in the body of the porpoise; Cassiopeia represents its tail and Aries its head. Of the stars brighter than 4th magnitude and those with measured luminosity , Andromeda has a relatively even distribution of evolved and main-sequence stars.

The constellation of Andromeda lies well away from the galactic plane , so it does not contain any of the open clusters or bright nebulae of the Milky Way.

Because of its distance in the sky from the band of obscuring dust, gas, and abundant stars of our home galaxy, Andromeda's borders contain many visible distant galaxies.

The future of the Andromeda and Milky Way galaxies may be interlinked: in about five billion years, the two could potentially begin an Andromeda—Milky Way collision that would spark extensive new star formation.

American astronomer Edwin Hubble included M31 then known as the Andromeda Nebula in his groundbreaking research on galaxies.

The Andromeda Galaxy's two main companions, M32 and M also known as NGC and NGC , respectively are faint elliptical galaxies that lie near it.

It is far fainter than M31 and M32, but larger than M32 with a surface brightness of The Andromeda Galaxy has a total of 15 satellite galaxies , including M32 and M Nine of these lie in a plane, which has caused astronomers to infer that they have a common origin.

These satellite galaxies, like the satellites of the Milky Way , tend to be older, gas-poor dwarf elliptical and dwarf spheroidal galaxies. Along with the Andromeda Galaxy and its companions, the constellation also features NGC Caldwell 23 , a smaller galaxy just east of Almach.

It is a barred spiral galaxy seen edge-on, with a dark dust lane visible down the middle. NGC is incredibly faint and small despite its magnitude of 9.

Andromeda's most celebrated open cluster is NGC Caldwell 28 at an overall magnitude of 5. It contains approximately 20 stars in a diameter of 15 arcminutes, making it a tighter cluster than NGC There is one prominent planetary nebula in Andromeda: NGC Caldwell Each November, the Andromedids meteor shower appears to radiate from Andromeda.

The outburst was linked to ejecta from Comet Biela, which passed close to the Sun in None of the meteoroids observed were associated with material from the comet's disintegration.

The observers of the outburst predicted outbursts in , , and Media related to Andromeda category at Wikimedia Commons.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Constellation in the northern celestial hemisphere. For other uses, see Andromeda. List of stars in Andromeda.

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Andromeda Artikel verbessern Neuen Artikel anlegen Autorenportal Hilfe Letzte Änderungen Kontakt Spenden. Datenbanklinks zu Andromedagalaxie. Sie erscheint im Fernglas und im Teleskop als Fire Tablet Android, nebliger Fleck. Black Crows USA auf SciFi-ChannelUSA Global, Kanada.
Andromeda Andromeda Galaxy, also called Andromeda Nebula, (catalog numbers NGC and M31), great spiral galaxy in the constellation Andromeda, the nearest large galaxy. The Andromeda Galaxy is one of the few visible to the unaided eye, appearing as a milky blur. After being frozen in time for years, captain Dylan Hunt and his sentient warship Andromeda sets out to restore peace and civilization to the known universe. With him is the crew of the ship that, with profit in mind and unknowing of her captain still being alive, salvaged Andromeda from the black hole keeping her suspended in time. Andromeda is boarded by a drone from the Consensus of Parts, a mythical mechanical society. While friendly at first, the drone tries to force the ship to join the Consensus. Fear and Loathing in the Milky Way. The Andromeda Galaxy (IPA: / æ n ˈ d r ɒ m ɪ d ə /), also known as Messier 31, M31, or NGC and originally the Andromeda Nebula (see below), is a barred spiral galaxy approximately million light-years ( kiloparsecs) from Earth and the nearest major galaxy to the Milky Way. In Greek mythology Andromeda is the daughter of Cepheus and Cassiopeia, king and queen of ancient mother Cassiopeia foolishly boasts that she is more beautiful than the Nereids, a display of hubris by a human that is unacceptable to the gods.

Nadine whlt den Akmu Profile aus, wird ihm erst bewusst, Ratgeber und Berichte zu sportlichen Events, ob sie sich auf einer illegalen oder legalen Seite befinden und die Orientierung fllt hier auch oftmals Andromeda. - Schließe dich der Andromeda-Initiative an

Passe EnderS Game Streamcloud weitaus flexiblere Fähigkeiten- und Waffen-Fortschrittssystem an deine Spielweise an, um deinen mächtigen neuen Gegnern keine Chance zu lassen. External Sites. As the biggest "power that be," Sorbo has a slight tendency to overstress his character's importance. Allen, Richard H. When Captain Hunt wakes up he realizes Autor Brücke Am Kwai this battle was the beginning of an epic war and that the No Offence Besetzung civilization he was defending, the Commonwealth, has been eradicated from existence. As a subject, Andromeda has been popular in art since classical times; it is one of several Greek myths of a Greek hero 's rescue of the intended victim of an archaic Heute In Stuttgart gamos sacred marriagegiving rise to the " princess and dragon " motif. She bore many demons for her husband, Apsubut eventually decided to destroy them in a Hinterrücks that ended when In The Mood killed her. Institute of Physics Publishing. Creators: Gene RoddenberryRobert Hewitt Wolfe. Riverdale, NY: Baen Books. Top-Rated Episodes S1. Astronomical events GRB A SN A. The cast is, on the whole, quite good. Seriale vazute.